GPS for fleet is proud to announce the introduction of their new bus ticketing system TicketLink2. McHarry’s Bus Lines of Geelong was the first major bus fleet to install this system, joining a growing number of bus operators that have selected the TicketLink2 bus ticket machine as their ticketing solution. Systems have now been rolled in Northern Territory, NSW, Victorian, South Australian, Queensland and Tasmanian bus operators.

Utilising a touch-screen display, and with various options available including remote downloading, the Ticketlink2 is the solution to any ticketing problem.

The Ticketlink2 incorporates a Tacholink vehicle monitoring system. Radio downloading and an XtraLogger GPS receiver for live and/or historical vehicle tracking is available.

The Ticketlink2 ticketing system has been designed to be simple to configure and easy to use. Both passengers and drivers are enthusiastic about the clear printed tickets while at the same time providing a complete information solution for Bus operations.


Printing times of less than 1 second per ticket means passengers can be quickly processed and financial information accurately recorded.


All ticket information, including cash flow is stored in Ticketlink2’s memory and transferred by various options including a radio link to the depot PC on return to base. The total value of ticket sales and passenger numbers are totalled up as part of the daily summary at the close of each shift. Since the ticket machines have been installed operators have reported fare revenue increases of up to 83% in their buses.


Ticketlink2 uses GPS technology for vehicle tracking so that routes can be analysed daily and time tables adjusted to reduce unnecessary waiting times for passengers. An extension of the live tracking system means you can log onto the internet and see when the next bus is approaching your stop. The entire system time- table can be analysed and reviewed using the “Blakey” time-table analysis software.


Driver performance can be analysed and improved to increase passenger safety and comfort with Ticketlink2’s data recorders. In the event of an accident, emergency services can be directed to the exact vehicle location and accident data can be reviewed in order to determine what may have occurred leading up to the event.

Contact us to find out about fitting the Ticketlink2 ticketing system to your bus fleet.