The Guardian Alcohol ignition interlock program protects drink driving offenders and other road users from the dangers of drink driving. An alcohol ignition interlock is a breathalyser fitted to the ignition of a vehicle which prevents the driver from starting the vehicle if alcohol is detected.



Unique to Guardian Interlocks is their Australia wide service centre network! All states, all capital cities and major country towns. Guardian is with you all the way.

  • We offer an appointment based system ensuring speedy processing of monthly monitoring reports.
  • We explain the extent of the work involved and advise you of the estimated cost beforehand.
  • Your vehicle will be returned to safe operating condition at the end of your program.
  • Your privacy will be respected and information only used for program purposes.
  • All servicing will be carried out in accordance with the interlock program rules.
  • All work on your vehicle will be carried out by fully qualified auto electricians.
  • We value your custom and will provide all the assistance we can.
  • We only install interlocks that are approved for your program.
  • We will explain your participation in the interlock program.
  • We will provide concession rates to eligible cardholders.

At Lonsdale St Auto Electrics our aim is to assist you through your participation in the Victorian Interlock Program. Our trained technicians and friendly office staff will make every effort to explain the process and take as much time as necessary to train you in the correct use and operation of the system.

We are able to fit approved interlocks to cars, trucks, buses and all manner of earthmoving and agricultural equipment. Monthly services, unit re-calibration, remove re-fit and emergency on site resets are part of the services we offer.

Our professional appointment based service ensures that you never need to wait more than 15 minutes for your interlock to be serviced.

We are a fully approved and registered alcohol interlock agent and exclusively supply and install Guardian interlock devices, the leading and most reliable devices on the market.

The Guardian Interlock System is the only interlock company that has an Australia wide service network! Best of all with our Melbourne based service network we have you covered. Our close association with Kingsbury Auto Electrical in the north, Berwick Auto Electric’s in the east, Gowty’s Auto Electrical in Geelong means no matter where you are we have Melbourne surrounded.