• Is a PC based system to analyse bus fleet movements and report timetable compliance.
  • Supports time zones, daylight saving adjustments and public holidays.
  • Efficiently imports timetables from external software packages.
  • Provides historical trip information
  • Is a standalone software package
  • Examines vehicle GPS data


  • Support for all commercial data logging equipment including Xtra Logger®
  • Report compliance for passenger perspective and actual shift performance.
  • Input data is incorporated in Tacholink, Ticketlink2 vehicle data
  • Adjustable tolerance on early/late compliance reporting
  • Built-in mapping for allows movement troubleshooting
  • Easily build routes using familiar street maps
  • Automatically detect services and shifts run
  • Allowance for weekends and public holidays
  • Full system management in local time
  • Fast import of vehicle track data
  • Import and export timetables
  • Routes are template based
  • No driver input required
  • Variable date selections
  • User-friendly interface
  • Uses direct GPS time


  • Time-tables are setup for the services that the company runs. Once a time-table is correctly configured and loaded, Blakey will analyse the track files downloaded from each vehicle to determine which services have run and the timetable deviations for each service.
  • A comprehensive report generator selects services & time-spans to produce a range of analysis text reports and graphs. Detailed moving map examination of service trips is available.
  • With the addition of a GPS receiver and radio download module Blakey provides complete vehicle operational and position analysis data of vehicles.
  • Vehicle movement track files are downloaded from fleet buses examined by Blakey for compliance with the time-table.
  • A windows style main menu supports the following features:
    • Timetable setup and configuration.
    • Analyses of vehicle movements.
    • A sophisticated report dialog renders detailed reports on the fleet timetable performance.
    • Timetables are prepared using excel CSV files and imported into Blakey using the timetable menu options.
  • Overall fleet performance by route, vehicle and date
  • Utilises existing Tacholink Xtra logger technology
  • Easy printing/email of route page
  • Graphical report interface
  • Daily performance analysis
  • Coloured graphical reports
  • Whole of service profiles
  • Freeform Text reporting
  • Direct link to map page
  • Detailed route analysis
  • Summary route analysis
  • Reports generated by:
    • Vehicle
    • Service
    • Trip
    • Shift
    • Date or date range
    • Custom

Blakey® has been designed with the assistance of major private and State run transport companies. Aimed at maximising service efficiency, in addition to reporting compliance, Blakey is a proven tool for identifying system inefficiencies and timetabling issues.

Blakey® analyses each track file downloaded from a vehicle data logger and matches the vehicle movements to the currently loaded timetable.

The analysis of each track can be set to use the data logger time or the GPS time. GPS time is the time from the GPS tracking receiver and is accurate to within less than 0.5 seconds, ensuring that all services are based on the same clock

Blakey® uses local time zone and daylight savings information to convert GPS time into local time. Blakey® also accounts for daylight savings and public holiday adjustments as specified by the user.

Using complex algorithms developed in-house Blakey® determines the most probable routes that the vehicle has operated whilst in service. Blakey® does not need to know the number on the front of the bus!

Blakey® examines every known timetable time-point to determine if the bus was early, on-time or late at the time point. The time is the departure time for the first time point that is the start of the route and the arrival time at every time point along the route until the end.

For each service trip the number of early, late or on-time arrivals is totalled. Blakey® expresses timetable compliance as a percentage against these figures for the requested date range or trip.

Blakey® uses the Pegasus mapping engine to display vehicle movements appropriate for each trip. Using a simple track playing interface allows for following the entire journey and route taken. The Pegasus mapping engine also display speeds as colour changes on screen in addition to analogue and digital representations. The maps behind Pegasus are street maps similar to those found in regular street directories.

Blakey® uses windows native file formats for reports and timetables allowing easy manipulation of data by standard desktop publishing and email applications.

Blakey® generates its own data backup on processing which allows for UNC network locations.

Blakey® has undergone extensive field trials with commercial operators


Blakey is designed to operate on a standard desktop PC with additional storage for vehicle data. It is fully compatible with the majority of commercial vehicle logging equipment. Please contact us for details of the loggers and formats supported.

Click here to download the information sheet.

Trip report showing measured early/late data for a specific route. Note the “Replay Track Button.”

Service Profile report showing measured early/late data for a specific service across multiple days

Display of trip data overlaid on a street map. Note the local time, current speed display in both analogue and digital format.

Shift Report, showing shift performance for Time Table planning

Trip Report, detailing trip run performance

Dwell, duration and run times. Each time point details dwell at the location and time taken to travel between time points.