The Vibrolink is the ultimate solution for recording the hours of operation of your equipment and machinery. This compact electronic device incorporates the latest technology in motion detection, monitoring the vibrations transmitted by a machine. This equipment is highly accurate and can operate in the most hostile environments.

The Vibrolink can operate in all types of equipment

The compact size of the Vibrolink makes it suitable for all equipment including cars, trucks and off-road vehicles. Other applications include road building, manufacturing and saw-milling equipment.


The Vibrolink provides an accurate record of the hours your equipment is used, showing the date, start and finish times and accumulated totals.

Information can be used to generate accurate invoicing where equipment is on hire. The data can also assist in correct and efficient maintenance scheduling.

All of the information recorded by the Vibrolink can be transferred to a PC for report generation using the PC software provided.

Most importantly, the Vibrolink is tamper resistant. The information is kept secure for those who need it.