• Customisable software solutions to meet individual needs
  • GSM module with SMS, GPRS & data modem capability
  • Utilise web based Pegasus for historical analysis
  • Utilise web based Livetrack for live monitoring
  • Large capacity detachable memory storage
  • Designed to operate in rugged conditions
  • Robust waterproof (IP65) cast metal box
  • Optional spread spectrum wireless link
  • up to 2 million Km data storage
  • Interfaces to other equipment
  • GPS/GSM combined antenna
  • GPS tracking system
  • Powerful processor
  • 8 digital inputs
  • Tamperproof

Xtra Logger® is designed to meet the needs of the rugged and potentially hostile environment of the passenger transport, and haulage industries, yet is equally suited to corporate vehicle fleets.

GPRS communications provides positioning and reporting over the internet to minimise communications costs, allow for uploading of exception data in near real time and maximise accessibility.

High quality GPS modules combined with communications, positions can be transmitted in near real time for remote monitoring of vehicle movements. Xtra Logger® is also configurable to generate exception alerts and alarms, which enables unusual movements to be monitored from anywhere.

Xtra Logger® supports a wide range of external inputs, and is also available with an interface board to provide a scalable hardware solution that will monitor analogue and digital inputs from a variety of equipment such as engine management systems, refrigeration plant, communications equipment and personal or vehicle alarm systems. These events and status inputs are logged directly into the Xtra Loggers® memory, and can also be viewed without propriety reporting software.

Xtra Logger® uses affordable, scalable compact flash memory up to 1 gigabyte – enough for multiple inputs for the lifetime of the vehicle operated 24hrs a day 365 days a year over 30 years

Security features included in Xtra Logger® preserve data integrity.

Xtra Logger® requires no installation of software or maps and licenses to run anywhere on any computer equipped with a suitable browser.

Xtra Logger® – internet enabled positioning

Xtra Logger® is connected to the internet using low cost GPRS always connected communications. The Livetrack software allows you to access your client page from any browser, and retrieve positions, reports and exceptions from any vehicle on the move. Client pages also plot the position of the vehicle on a moving map giving street level detail in major cities.

Incorporate Xtra Logger® client page data into your intranet to provide secure access to vehicle movements for your management team Xtra Logger® SMS reporting allows key personnel to monitor driver performance exceptions anywhere

Xtra Logger® – simple installation, configuration and Management.

Xtra Logger® can easily be fitted by a qualified auto electrician, and requires minimal configuration. The memory module contains all the configuration data required to initialise the unit to your system. Once connected, Xtra Logger will log on and configure itself.

Xtra Logger® management software automatically keeps track of updates to drivers and vehicles and rules applying to your fleet for reporting and exception handling.