Many of our products require specialised software in order to interpret and view the gathered data.

Pegasus, a software tool to enable fleet operators to analyse and view historical map data as gathered by the XtraLogger, and Tacholink loggers.

Trax software to enable map viewing and route planning.

Livetrack. Enables you to view your “Live” vehicle movements, tracking in near real time, on standard maps. It utilizes an Internet-based web server to display vehicle speed, position and input status.

Tacholink Reports allows analysis of vehicle movements from a daily summary down to second by second analysis. In the event of a major collision, you can even see vehicle speeds at down to 25ms time intervals!

Blakey Time Table Analysis, a unique and very powerful software analysis tool that enables you to analyse regular vehicle runs such as bus routes, analyse your vehicle fleet performance and refine timetables according to actual vehicle data.

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